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“On "Antagonise" mysterious conspiracy theories meet up with progressive, symphonic Death Metal, facing on 'end of all times' mood. A complex thriller between reality and fiction, created by Mark Jansen (Epica) and his Dutch allstar team – including guest appearances by Floor Jansen (Nightwish) and Marcela Bovio (Stream Of Passion).“

„In this context ANTAGONISE is a fierce blade, forged with bombastic Death Metal, virtuosu Progressive Metal and outstanding Power Metal."
METAL HAMMER (D) – 6/7 Points

„Antagonise offers an ideal blend of versitale riffing, well arranged orchestral parts anbd imperssive vocals displaying the meaningful lyrics."
LEGACY (D) – 13/15 Points

Dutch Symphonic Death Metal act MAYAN are on the verge of releasing their new album »Antagonise«, set for January 31st 2014 through Nuclear Blast.

The new album showcases the current condition of our society, in which our freedom and privacy are further limited. The lies and propaganda from governments all over the world, the spying, a so called “war on terror”, the insinuated “freedom” we get just to keep us under control…

This translated through Mark Jansen's sharp view and the band's characteristic style of Symphonic Progressive (Death) Metal for maximum expression results in the perfect and most powerful and confronting album possible to date.

With their first release »Quarterpast« (2011) MAYAN got instant recognition in the media as has proven by the excellent reviews, in-depth interviews with many provoking questions about the band‘s point of view and raving reactions of fans throughout the world. 

After very successful tours through parts of Europe, Central and South America plus playing renowned festivals like ProgPower USA, Graspop Open Air, Heaven & Hell (Mexico) and Zwarte Cross for thousands of fans, the band put themselves on the map instantly. Hundreds of thousands of views and confronting discussions from all over the world on their video `War on Terror` prove they set the world to think and hopefully act about what is really going on nowadays.

MAYAN was conceived early 2010 by versatile musician and EPICA mastermind Mark Jansen and old friend, ex-AFTER FOREVER keyboardist Jack Driessen to write an album in the style they always really wanted. Mark asked guitarist Frank Schiphorst (SYMMETRY, CHRISTMAS METAL SYMPHONY) to join in. Frank has a broad range of experience and skills aboard. When put together with Mark and Jack, an undeniable chemistry takes place producing songs in no time.
The band needed the perfect musicians to work this out with, and as a logical result EPICA drummer Ariлn van Weesenbeek and guitarist Isaac Delahaye joined in. Soon also guest vocalists Henning Basse, Laura Macrм, Simone Simons and Floor Jansen were a fact. Not much later followed by bassist Rob van der Loo (EPICA, ex-DELAIN). Laura and Henning became full members in 2013.

The upcoming album's concept is dealing about the current state of the world in which spying is more present than ever before. Our privacy has been taken away step by step. Some people say, "We have nothing to hide so I don't care", but after all we all have our secrets, not just the criminals. Under the flag of 'war against terrorism' governments (and above all the big corporations) all over the world have found a handy way to control their people and get things done without much resistance. They are spreading fear in order to have more power, make more money and stay in total control. It's hard to find good documentaries about this subject on TV as a little part of the media is truly independent but if you really search for the truth, you'll get the truth. Songs like 'Faceless Spies' and 'Paladins Of Deceit' (National Security Extremism part 1 & 2) are perfect examples of these subjects being presented on the new album.

Get ready for »Antagonise«.?

01. Descry (bonus) 
02. Bloodline Forfeit 
03. Burn Your Witches 
01. Redemption 
02. Paladins Of Deceit 
01. Lone Wolf 
02. Devil In Disguise 
03. Insano 
04. Human Sacrifice 
01. Enemies Of Freedom 
02. Capital Punishment 
03. Faceless Spies


Laura Macri | soprano
Hennung Basse | vocals
Mark Jansen | grunts & screams
Jack Driessen | keys
Frank Schiphorst | guitars
Rob van der Loo | bass
Arijen van Weesenbeek | drums