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The band’s name, GENERATION KILL derives from the title of the 2004 book (also an HBO mini-series) written by Rolling Stone journalist Evan Wright. »We’re All Gonna Die« is a big time jump forward musically for the Band who show they can stay true to themselves while still taking risks and pushing the limits of the Band and their songwriting.

GENERATION KILL are the final answer to all that tedious talk about a comeback of Thrash Metal. This is not just another Thrash Band. GENERATION KILL incorporates many different styles of music, which sets this band apart from the rest. All five members have diverse musical backgrounds, which define and allow GENERATION KILL to be a Band with no limitations. Their highly acclaimed on Season Of Mist released debut album »Red, White and Blood« incorporated already everything any aficionado of the genre might have wished to hear for the last decade: crunchy riffing, capturing melodies, killer solos and exactly the right dose of unashamed aggression that propelled Bands like METALLICA, ANTHRAX, MEGADETH, TESTAMENT and many others to the forefront of Extreme Metal Music in the 80's. Yet GENERATION KILL do neither serve a dusty trip into nostalgia, nor is this a bunch of kids desperately trying to recreate what they never experienced. This should come as no surprise as GENERATION KILL was formed by current EXODUS frontman Rob Dukes and Rob Moschetti (ex-PRO-PAIN, M.O.D.) who draw deeply from their musical roots that show through openly. Lead Guitarist Jason Trenczer (ex-MUTILATION) is a master of technical guitar work adding catchy riffs and solos. Second guitarist and new member Jason Velez contributes an Erie Metal style with groove and melody. Newest edition to the band is Powerhouse Drummer Jim DeMaria (ex-MERAUDER), who adds an extra dose of speed and power with his Hardcore/Thrash background. After their first release »Red, White and Blood« on Season Of Mist GENERATION KILL are currently working on their second album with Producer Zeuss, who is well known for his work with HATEBREED, SEPULTURA and SOULFLY amongst others. They're approaching the new record as a challenge by trying not to do the same thing as on the first record but at the same time still keeping their identity of who there are – a group of guys that grew up on Metal, Punk and PINK FLOYD – outside the norm.

2013 brings the follow-up to 2011’s »Red, White, and Blood«. After parting ways with Season Of Mist, the band decided to finance the recording of their second album themselves. Teaming up with renowned producer Zeuss (HATEBREED, SEPULTURA, SOULFLY), the band recorded their second album »Born to Serve« from February to March 2013. This second effort sees the band making major strides in songwriting, showing a much more mature, melodic, and cohesive side that still screams with the aggression seen on their first effort. The band discussed the approach to writing the second album in a pre-production meeting with Zeuss. Listing all their favorite Metal records, they found that most of them were great because they only had about eight or nine songs. With that in mind, the band went back to their roots renting a room at an old studio from their past with the idea of writing the record there. The final collection of songs that the band wrote and Zeuss produced is something special. Monster riffs. Blazing, yet melodic solos, thunderous rhythms and drums. But the most interesting is the vocal approach taken by Rob Dukes on this record. Expanding his vocal palette with new ideas and melodies and getting away from the always in your face screaming aggressive attitude that he is known for in EXODUS, Dukes masterfully surprises the listener with beautiful and often soulful melodies. GENERATION KILL’s »We’re All Gonna Die« is a big time jump forward musically for the band who show they can stay true to themselves while still taking risks and pushing the limits of the band and their songwriting.

Side A  :

01. Born To Serve 
02. Prophets Of War 
03. Death Comes Calling 
04. Friendly Fire 
Side B  :

01. Carny Love 
02. Vegas 
03. There Is No Hope 
04. We're All Gonna Die