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DARK FUNERAL date back to a band project assembled in 1993 by guitarists Blackmoon (real name David Parland and ex-NECROPHOBIC) and Lord Ahriman (real name Micke Svanberg). The band line-up was completed by vocalist Themgoroth and Draugen. DARK FUNERAL issued the four track 'Dark Funeral' EP, recorded at DAN SWANO's Uni-Sound Studios and released on Hellspawn Records in May 4th 1994. Upon the release date DARK FUNERAL also undertook their inaugural gig at the Luse Lottes pub in Oslo. This record was also released in Poland on Carrion Records and retitled ‘Open The Gates’. Following the EP’s release Draugen departed (eventually turning up as a member of SVARTSYN) and was succeeded by Equimanthorn as DARK FUNERAL began playing their first live shows.

DARK FUNERAL attempted to record the band's first full length album 'The Secrets Of The Black Arts' at Uni-Sound studios with DAN SWANO once more but were so dissatisfied with the results the tapes were scrapped. The band subsequently relocated to Abyss Studio, re-recording the entire album, with the benefit of a newly penned track 'When Angels Forever Die' and working with Peter Tagtgren as engineer. The album, incidentally, includes a cover of VON's 'Satanic Blood' and saw a video for the song 'The Secrets Of The Black Arts' which garnered valuable TV exposure world-wide. Their reach would be further extended as licenses were secured with Metal Blade Records in North America and Mystic Productions in Poland.

Upon the eve of release of 'The Secrets Of The Black Arts' in January of 1996 the band again underwent a roster change with the addition of vocalist/bassist Emperor Magus Caligula (real name Masse Broberg, also known as original vocalist for HYPOCRISY) and drummer Alzazmon (a.k.a. Thomas Asklund of DAWN and INFERNAL). This new unit debuted at DARK FUNERAL's first festival gig, 'Under The Black Sun' in Berlin.

1996 would also witness DARK FUNERAL taking on covers of BATHORY's 'Call From The Grave' and 'Equimanthorn' for the tribute album 'In Conspiracy With Satan'. Blackmoon quit the band that same year to concentrate on a solo project BLACKMOON his place being taken by Typhos, previously a member of Stockholm’s FUNERAL MIST.

Touring in Europe had the band supported by Italians NECROMASS. The band made every effort to lay on a terrifying spectacle with displays of fire breathing and pigs heads on spikes gracing the stage flanked by inverted crosses. These dates, the first leg of what would become the ‘Satanic War’ tour, were so successful DARK FUNERAL toured Europe once more in February of 1997. For this batch of shows BAL SAGOTH and ANCIENT opened. By September the band were back in the recording studio laying down the much anticipated 'Vobiscum Satanas' album. The group’s reach extended into their debut American shows throughout November, commencing in Chicago at the 'Expo Of The Extreme' festival, with a short East coast tour with Chicago's USURPER.

As 1998 drew in DARK FUNERAL embarked on 'The Ineffable Kings Of Darkness' tour in league with ENTHRONED and LIAR OF GOLGOTHA. These dates found Dominion coming in as session bassist. Following their second major festival appearance, at the Swedish 'Hultsfreds' event, Typhos was removed and Dominion, originally a guitarist, took over the role with Caligula reverting to both vocals and bass duties. Further line-up fluxes saw Alzazmon making his exit. The band inducted long term friend Gaahnfaust (Robert Lundin), actually having briefly been a member back in 1996, to fill the vacancy. DARK FUNERAL then formed part of a European package bill 'Blood For Satan' sharing stages with CANNIBAL CORPSE and INFERNAL MAJESTY. The following year witnessed West coast American dates, ominously billed as the 'Black Plague Across The West', and a brief foray into Mexico upfront of European shows termed 'The Satanic Inquisition' with Norwegian premier Black Metal act DIMMU BORGIR.

DARK FUNERAL would pay homage to their mentors by cutting cover versions of MAYHEM’s ‘Pagan Fears’, KING DIAMOND’s ‘The Trial’, SODOM’s ‘Remember The Dead’ and SLAYER’s Dead Skin Mask’ for the ‘Teach Children To Worship Satan’ EP. This release included the new track 'An Apprentice Of Satan' for which a live video was shot and broadcast globally. Live dates ranked the band alongside DEICIDE, IMMORTAL and CANNIBAL CORPSE for the 'No Mercy' festivals. Fervour for the band was now riding at such a high that Necropolis Records re-issued the band's first mini album, repackaged with the 1996 BATHORY covers, lavish rare photographs and histories.

During 2000 Caligula and guitarist Dominion (Matti Makela) united with erstwhile DARK FUNERAL drummer Gaahnfaust to found side project DOMINION CALIGULA releasing the ‘A New Era Rises’ album in 2000. Not to be outdone Lord Ahriman created WOLFEN SOCIETY with ex-ACHERON leader Vincent Crowley, Kyle Severn of INCANTATION and erstwhile VITAL REMAINS man Jeff Gruslins.

DARK FUNERAL themselves added former DEFLESHED drummer Matte Modin to the ranks in late 2000, debuting their new member at the 'Full Force' and 'Wacken Open Air' festivals. The band got back into action with the well received 2001 Peter Tagtgren produced album 'Diabolus Interim'. Another DARK FUNERAL product arrived in early 2002. Issued by the British Imperial Creations label 'Live In Hutsfred, Sweden' comprised of live tracks recorded at the Scandinavian festival paired with six early BATHORY demo tracks from the early 80s. The group would embark on a further round of American dates, headlined by CANNIBAL CORPSE and billed alongside INCANTATION and PISSING RAZORS, commencing on the 24th April in Los Angeles. Taking on the bass role for these shows would be the Death Metal veteran Richard Cabeza of DISMEMBER, UNANIMATED, BORN OF FIRE and MURDER SQUAD notoriety.

Just as Australian dates, together with ASTRIAAL, were projected for October, it was announced that Dominion had vacated the guitar spot. As it transpired the Australian concerts would be curtailed but DARK FUNERAL did put in a run of dates in Japan, Taiwan and Singapore that month. Support for most of these shows came from Tiawanese act CHTHONIC.

DARK FUNERAL, pulling in MORDICHRIST and SKELLINGTON guitarist Chaq Mol (a.k.a. Bo Karlsson), would return to live action in mid 2003 at the longstanding German 'Wacken Open Air' festival. South American gigs, traversing across Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Venezuela, were set for September with support coming from AVERSE SIFERA, VALHALLA and AVEC TRISTESSE. Recordings from these dates would be compiled for issue as the live album 'De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine'.

Later that year Emperor Magus Caligula would join the elite Death Metal side project cast of retro act GOD AMONG INSECTS featuring guitarist Lord K (a.k.a. Kenth Philipson) of LEUKEMIA, ROSICRUCIAN, ODYSSEY, LAME, HOUSE OF USHER and THE PROJECT HATE repute, bassist Tomas Elofsson from SANCTIFICATION and VOMITORY drummer Tobias Gustafsson. In other DARK FUNERAL related news former band members Matias Makela and Robert Lundin forged the Death / Thrash act VICIOUS ART. The duo subsequently enrolled Jorgen Sandstrom of THE PROJECT HATE and a veteran of ENTOMBED and GRAVE on bass.

DARK FUNERAL partnered with GOATWHORE and ZYKLON for the 'Extreme The Dojo Volume 9' Japanese gigs in January of 2004. DARK FUNERAL then resumed touring with a spate of Mexican dates in February before hooking up with DEFLESHED for a short burst of Italian dates. The band's Israeli live debut came with a gig in Tel Aviv during November, supported by local bands LEHAVOTH, WINTERHORDE and ARMILOS. Ex-drummer Thomas Asklund duly came back to the fore by joining the resurrected DISSECTION.

Signing to Regain Records, the band forged a road alliance with SIX FEET UNDER, NILE, DISBELIEF, DYING FETUS, WYKKED WYTCH and CATARACT for the 'No Mercy Festivals 2005' European tour beginning in early March. However, the group pulled out of these shows on 19th March, claiming they had been forced out by band and crew catching influenza. The band entered Dug Out studios in Uppsala during late May with producer Daniel Bergstrand to cut a new album. That same month drummer Matte Modin also acted as fill in for SCAAR and performed festival dates with DEFLESHED.

Album recordings in July, for the 'Attero Totus Sanctus' opus, saw ex-MESHUGGAH man Gustaf Hielm employed on bass. 'Attera Totus Sanctus' entered the Swedish charts at no. 35 in November. Opening 2006, live work in Europe during February and March saw DARK FUNERAL sharing stages with NAGLFAR and ENDSTILLE.


1. King Antichrist
2. 666 Voices Inside
3. Attera Totus Sanctus
4. Godhate
5. Atrum Regina
6. Angel Flesh Impaled
7. Feed On The Mortals
8. Final Ritual


Emperor Magus Caligula (vocals / bass)
Lord Ahriman (guitar)
Dominion (guitar)
Richard Cabeza (bass)
Matte Modin (drums)