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PARADISE LOST release the"Draconian Times MMXI" DVD. In early 2011 the band performed their monumental album Draconian Times (from 1995) live at a series of 7 exclusive gigs in the following select cities around Europe: Tilburg, Bochum, London, Paris, Athens, and Thessaloniki. Nick Holmes (vocals) had this to say: "It was great fun doing the Draconian Times live shows and the response outshined our expectations by far, all the shows were great, but the London show was a real highlight & thankfully captured on film. Jens Bogren has mixed the songs brilliantly, the extras are fun, and the whole thing has come together tremendously well. We are lucky to have such devoted fans, prepared to travel all over the world to see our shows.

This DVD is dedicated to them, and I hope they thoroughly enjoy it!". "Draconian Times MMXI" features the London show at The Forum from April 1st, a documentary from the whole tour filmed by the band's bass player Steve Edmondson, interviews about the history of "Draconian Times" with Simon Efemey (producer of Draconian Times, 1995), Nick Holmes (vocals), Greg Mackintosh (guitar), Aaron Aedy (guitar), Steve Edmondson (bass) and Andy Farrow (manager since 1990) and the two promo videos from Paradise Lost's latest album "Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us".

The main show was directed and produced by Paul Green for of Cybertech Productions. Jens Bogren who produced the last Paradise Lost album (as well as Opeth, Amon Amarth, etc.) mixed and mastered the audio sound at Fascination Street Studios. The cover artwork for "Draconian Times MMXI" was created by Justin Kamerer

DVD 1:

1 - Enchantment  
2 - Hallowed Land  
3 - The Last Time  
4 - Forever Failure  
5 - Once Solemn  
6 - Shadowkings  
7 - Elusive Cure  
8 - Yearn For Change  
9 - Shades Of God  
10 - Hands Of Reason  
11 - I See Your Face  
12 - Jaded  
13 - Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us  
14 - True Belief  
15 - One Second  
16 - Say Just Words  
17 - The Rise Of Denial  
18 - As I Die  

DVD 2:
1 - On The Draconian Road  
2 - Interviews  
3 - Fan Interviews  
4 - Rise Of Denial (Promo Video)  
5 - Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us (Promo Video)


1 - Enchantment 7:47  
2 - Hallowed Land 5:35  
3 - The Last Time 3:54  
4 - Forever Failure 4:40  
5 - Once Solemn 3:29  
6 - Shadowkings 5:18  
7 - Elusive Cure 3:28  
8 - Yearn For Change 4:53  
9 - Shades Of God 4:11  
10 - Hands Of Reason 4:30  
11 - I See Your Face 3:37  
12 - Jaded 4:52  
13 - Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us 4:26  
14 - Rise Of Denial 4:59