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In the year 1996 the beast of Tunrida was turn loose by the infamous B.Tott, Arrakis, Cinatas, Achernar and Seth. The members of Tunrida had all been involved in some musical acts before Tunrida, but this time it was going to be more serious and goal-oriented. In the end of November 1996 the first steps were taken as Tunrida headed forwards with a purpose to make their first studio demo. The demo was recorded in an old house in the middle of the countryside, and it was named Eternal Twilight. The response for the demo was surprisingly positive and with it Tunrida reached some status in the Finnish underground, encouraging the band to reach for more. All hell was about to break loose.

After few gigs and a couple of rehearsal tapes later which were never really distributed, luckily, the band again went in the little cabin in the countryside with a purpose of making their second demo tape entitled Astral Majesty, respectively. The tape was released in September 1997. The demo consisted of three songs that together tell a story of a soul seeking its master and is drawn to Satan. This piece of uncompromising black art showed much improvement both in playing skills as well as in composing skills. With Astral Majesty, Tunrida was offered a recording deal from the German label Solistitium Records, and after a short time of thinking Tunrida signed to SOL.

In February 1998, Tunrida went to ASTIA-studio to record their first full lenght album, entitled Hierarchy. The album was released through SOL in early 1999. The response this album has had in the underground media has all in all been quite promising, and despite the poor production, the album has many time been reviewed as interesting, original and majestic. Hierarchy was the first and last album of Tunrida under the un-succesful rip-off flag of Solistitium records.

In the year 1999 Tunrida headed towards the studio to record a promotion CD for the record labels. Simply named 'Promo 1999' was sent to the record labels with a purpose of recording deal. All the three songs were recorded, mixed and mastered in hectic circumstances in as little time as seven hours. Promo 1999 was released later as a split with a Finnish metal band Siege, and Era 2001 also contains promo 1999 as a bonus.

In the end of 2001 Tunrida went in the studio to record their second promotion CD. After no recording deals were present, the songs were released as a demo CD by the Finnish UG label Dragonthrone Productions in the autumn 2002. The demo CD was named Era 2001. In this release Tunrida seemed to be heading to even more satanic and harsh direction, the symphonic and melodic elements still being present. The demo CD was also the first one with a new member L-Master in guitar.

In January 2003 the band headed towards the studio again to record two songs for the split 7” Omenne with Finnish black metal act Azaghal. The split was released by Norwegian Aftermath Music in October 2003, and it has received fairly good reviews. The split was sold out in less than two months.

With no recording deal at hand in the spring 2003, Tunrida still decided to record their second full length album Imperial and handle the financing themselves. The album was recorded in June again in the same studio that was used to record ERA 2001 and Omenne 7”. This time the recordings of the album took two weeks, and the result was astonishing. The album was mixed and mastered in December at Mediaworks studio in Finland. Currently Tunrida is searching a decent record company to release Imperial. From the beginning of Tunrida the main purpose of the band has been to make symphonic and rough satanic metal with style and it still remains as the driving force of the band.


01. Sign of the Fiery Legion
02. Mass Murderer
03. Countdown to Doomsday
04. Beholldrr
05. Worship No God
06. Nihilist
07. Manifestation
08. Hail Satan
09. Still in Satan's Embrace
10. Imperial

Total Time: 50:24


Cinatas - Vocals
B.Tott - Guitars
L-Blaster - Guitars
Arrakis - Bass
Achernar - Battery
Seth - Synths