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Тук се намира пълната информация за предлаганите от нас музикални продукти с експресна доставка! Минималната поръчка е 1 CD, 1 DVD, 1 TS, 1 LS или 1 Vinyl.

Над 10 000 заглавия на склад - доставка 1-5 работни дни;
Цените са с включен ДДС!

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За допълнителна информация не се притеснявайте да пишете е-мейли.

За доставка с куриер се нуждаем от точен адрес на доставка. За доставка по пощата се нуждаем от трите ви имена, точен адрес и кода на близкия до вас пощенски клон от където ще освободите пратката.



"This Life Is Insane!" - W.A.R.P.E.D. (Watch And Rate, Peace Expect Delays!)

"Four score and 70 million years ago Mother Earth never would have imagined the fury and hatred that would engulf its global home. Certainly she understood bickering, bullying and a struggle for power. Battles amongst cells, swarms and beasts. Some for survival, some from fear, however; no world war.

As life progressed into humanity the hatred became more complex. Deadly sins fuelled this hatred. Superior mind's ability to direct or misdirect the bewildered herd resulted in the creation of enormous armies. Hand to bloody hand they fought many wars. A seemingly senseless loss of life by Earth's supposed superior beings. Just about the only species on the planet that will kill one another for reasons other than survival.

For thousands of years humanity battled. It battled over religion, riches and an overall quest to obtain power. Religion seems to be a common theme amongst all war. People fighting for their church, in the name of their God. Some of us are taught to protect ourselves from death, others are taught that the death will lead to a glorious after life. The Bible tells of the arrivals of Anti-Christs on planet Earth. Human beings that are disciples of Satan himself…how many more of these self-prophesized war mongers can humanity handle? How many more can the planet handle? The 20th Century was the most violent in human history. Mankind experienced two World Wars, hundreds of localized conflicts, armed boarder disputes, civil wars, military coups and countercoups, revolutionary struggles, armed invasions, religious atrocities and decades of arms-fuel tension between the world's super powers. It is difficult to accept reality at times, however there were over 40 armed conflicts underway involving 36 different countries as we entered the 21st century. I believe a general, in the midst of battle, once said to his tiring troops "War is Hell"…For many human beings the battlefield is right in their backyards. Welcome home!!!"

Chris Caffery 2004-1005


Chris Caffery - Lead and Background vocals, all electric and acoustic guitars
Jeff Plate - Drums and percussion
Dave Z - Bass
Paul Morris - Piano and Keyboards
Jon Oliva - Lead Vocals on Iraq Attack
Brian Gregory - Bass on Iraq Attack (Doctor Butcher Bassist)


The Mold-EP-2004
Music man-EP-2004

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