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For years Chris Matyus from Ohio studied classical guitar at his local music school and jammed with various bands before meeting Keith Zeigler (drums) and Jamie Still (bass) in 1997 and, together with them, forming the band ARCHETYPE. Their first demo, comprising of four instrumentals was released scarcely a year later and sent to a few carefully selected addresses. One of these, the Danish agency, Intromental Management, did not hesitate to place the band under contract.

The ranks of ARCHETYPE were completed when they were joined by the talented singer, Greg "Chyle" Wagner and so they could set about working on the first album. Six months later Intromental Management's own label released the MCD, "Hands Of Time" which was received enthusiastically by the European music press. The excellent reviews, the numerous interviews given by Chris Matyus and the positive echo on the part of radio stations resulted in a number of offers from other record companies. However, the band and their management decided to concentrate on a new album before entering into negotiations. And so the recording of "Dawning" began in 2001.

ARCHETPYE spent a lot of time on the recordings, but when "Dawning" was finally finished, neither the band nor their management were particularly satisfied with the result. They mutually decided to put their business relationship temporarily on ice and the band set about re-working the entire album. All eleven songs were newly arranged, re-recorded using the very latest studio technology and was released in 2003 on Lucretia Records.

"Dawning" is a melodic power progressive metal jewel of the highest standard. Clever melodies and powerful riffs, embedded in intelligent and varied song structures, together with a voice the clarity and strength of which is on a par with those of the greatest of the scene. Those are the primary factors which make "Dawning" to a very special musical treat. Songs such as the furiously played title track, the over 12 minute long "Years Ago" with its dreamy accoustic parts, straight Power Metal hymns such as the opener, "Final Day" will convince every fan of high-cleass metal from start to finish.

The transparent yet powerful production also underlines the incredible musical performance, which proves that ARCHETYPE comprises of four absolutely exceptional metal talents are at work here. This worldwide re-release via Limb Music Products even includes bonustracks in form of two original versions of their debut EP - "Visionary" and the title track "Hands Of Time". True value for money! In a nutshell: No genuine Melodic Power Progressive Metal Fan should pass "Dawning" by.

1. Final Day 6:32
2. Hands Of Time 4:28
3. Dawning 6:59
4. Dissension's Wake 5:26
5. Inside Your Dreams 6:10
6. Premonitions 6:50
7. Visionary 6:50
8. Arisen 5:07
9. The Mind's Eye 5:24
10. Years Ago 12:36
11. Reflection 3:30
12. Visionary (bonustrack, '98 EP version) 6:56
13. Hands Of Time (bonustrack, '98 EP version) 5:33

Total playing time 81:13

Greg „Chyle" Wagner - Vocals
Chris Matyus - Guitar
Jamie Still - Bass
Keith Zeigler - Drums