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Тук се намира пълната информация за предлаганите от нас музикални продукти с експресна доставка! Минималната поръчка е 1 CD, 1 DVD, 1 TS, 1 LS или 1 Vinyl.

Над 10 000 заглавия на склад - доставка 1-5 работни дни;
Цените са с включен ДДС!

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За доставка с куриер се нуждаем от точен адрес на доставка. За доставка по пощата се нуждаем от трите ви имена, точен адрес и кода на близкия до вас пощенски клон от където ще освободите пратката.




Vomitory was formed in 1989 by guitarist Urban Gustafsson. Under the influence of the growing underground scene and bands such as Sodom, Napalm Death, Slayer and Venom, they spread their name in the worldwide underground scene by releasing some demos in the early nineties.

1993 Moribund 7” (Witchhunt Rec.)
1996 Raped In Their Own Blood (Fadeless Rec.)
1999 Redemption (Fadeless Rec.)
1999 7” Split w. Murder Corporation (Hangnail Production)
1999 10-year Anniversary 10” limited edition (Fadeless Rec.)
2000 Revelation Nausea (Metal Blade Rec.)
2002 Blood Rapture (Metal Blade Rec.)
2004 Primal Massacre (Metal Blade Rec.)

Tours / Festivals
1997 European tour w. Deranged / Shadows of sunset
1998 Fuck The Commerce festival, Germany
1998 European tour w. Deranged / Mangled / Dawn Of Decay
2000 European tour w. Cannibal Corpse
2000 No Mercy Festival tour w. Deicide / Vader / Marduk…
2001 Party San Festival, Germany
2001 X-mas tour w. Cannibal Corpse / Kreator / Nile / Marduk…
2002 European tour w. Amon Amarth / Callenish Circle
2002 Wacken Open Air festival, Germany
2002 Thrash ‘Em All festival tour, Poland
2004 No Mercy festival tour w. Cannibal Corpse / Hypocrisy…

This year 2004 marks 15 years of existence for Vomitory, and the band is proud to announce the release of their new album, “Primal Massacre”, and a European tour during the year. “Primal Massacre” was recorded in December 2003 at Studio Kuling in Örebro/Sweden. The recording process was supervised by long time companion Henrik Larsson and the album was mixed and mastered at Berno Studio. It contains 10 non-compromising death metal anthems and its artwork was created by Juan Castellano.

Vomitory is:
Erik Rundqvist – bass & vocals
Urban Gustafsson – guitar
Ulf Dalegren – guitar
Tobias Gustafsson – drums

01 Primal Massacre
02 Gore Apocalypse
03 Stray Bullet Kill
04 Epidemic (Created To Kill)
05 Demon’s Divine
06 Autopsy Extravaganza
07 Retaliation
08 Condemned By Pride
09 Cursed Revelations
10 Chainsaw Surgery