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There was a time, not so long ago, that it seemed inconceivable that a band like The More I See could exist at all. The 1990s was a desolate time for heavy music with a message, as bland pop-punk and the pseudo rebellion of paper-thin nu-metal dominated the small amount of media space available to guitar-wielding creative types. But times change and people eventually tired of hearing the overpaid saying nothing to no one, over and over again. The time is ripe for The More I See, the UK’s hottest new metal band, to re-ignite the flames inside your mind and soul. Inspired by a great number of years spent peddling their musical wares in a variety of punk, metal and hardcore outfits, to people all over the planet, The More I See formed in Peterborough, England, at the beginning of 2002. Hell-bent on creating music with power, energy and fierce intelligence, founder members Gizz Butt (lead guitar/vocals) and Gavin King (rhythm guitar) took great care to recruit a team of like-minded missionaries who shared their passion, technical ability and desire to tear the roof off every venue that was brave enough to invite them in. Enter bassist Lee Churchill, frontman Chad and drummer Alex Cummins; the final pieces in a jigsaw that is now, two years on, primed and ready to unleash its first fully-formed creation. Not since the mid-80s glory days of politicised thrash and hardcore has heavy rock’n’roll sounded so driven, so focussed and so shamelessly fanatical. First came the 5-track debut CD ‘Don’t Look Now I’m Living’ which emerged on German underground label Modern Noise in 2003 and garnered a series of frothing reviews from the European rock press. Combined with a burgeoning reputation for scintillating live performances, The More I See were snapped up by Germany-based SPV Records – home to Monster Magnet, Motorhead, Iced Earth, Sepultura and many more – and were sent straight to the studio to begin work on their debut album proper. Titled ‘The Wolves Are Hungry’, the album was recorded in the south of France and has been mixed by the world’s greatest living metal producer, Andy Sneap. Proving beyond doubt that the band are able to not just compete with the brightest lights in the world of metal but to whip their sorry arses in a frenzy of explosive riffs, nailbomb percussion and incendiary melodies, The More I See’s first album is destined to be hailed as one of 2004’s finest. The pristine, cutting edge bludgeon of latterday Anthrax; the brutal elegance of prime Metallica; the incisive melodic might of Cave In and Thursday; the dark intensity of Alice In Chains and Tool; the breathtaking invention of Soilwork and In Flames; …they’re all here, present and correct, but deftly transformed into something entirely new, something blunt and to-the-point yet many fathoms deep with multi-layered finesse, a constantly evolving musical intellect and a vast ocean of world-weary soul. From the breakneck clatter of ‘Violate’ to the lurching, ominous ‘A Price On Your Head’, this is metal at its most devastating and emotionally penetrating. Laden with heart-stopping melodies, skin-flaying guitar work, jaw-shattering dynamics and a palpable sense that something genuinely important is happening, ‘The Wolves Are Hungry’ is music designed as a weapon…a kick up the arse to wake the dead…the sound of silence before the bomb goes off…five men speaking the plain truth and carrying big sticks…the more things change, the more they slay the lame…The More I See are already changing your life and you don’t even know it yet. TRACK LISTING: 1) Violate 2) Near Extinction 3) Suck On These Words 4) Paralysed 5) Chez Wrong 6) Born Freaks 7) Fall 8) Friend Turned Enemy 9) Last Hope 10) A Price On Your Head 11) Smile 12) The Wolves Are Hungry LINE-UP: Chad Sunderland - vocals Gizz Butt - vocals/leadguitar Gavin King – rhythmguitar Lee Churchill – bass Alex Cummins - drums