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The highlight of Evergrey's Swedish concert hall tour from last year was a show in Gothenburg that had been prepared for some time. The auditorium of the 19th century Storan Theatre, with its wonderful ambience as well as a breath-taking light show, supported Evergrey's merciless live performance. Seven cameras documented a powerful evening of progressive metal which is now being released as a double DVD. The DVD not only offers an impressive two hour concert with crystal clear Dolby Digital 2.0 and 5.1 DTS sound, but also six and a half hours of bonus material that will keep every fan happy. Fans will be able to view all six of the band's promo videos, see extensive interviews with band members, behind the scenes footage of the band backstage as well as at work in the studio and a section on the band's equipment for the more musically inclined fans.

"The curtain rose, we looked out from the stage into this wonderful theatre with its 160 year old architecture, three rows of balconies and into an audience which was so wild that we almost missed our cue at the end of the intro tape", recalls Tom Englund. The band performed an impressive "best of" selection from their back catalogue - 19 songs from over six years with explosive numbers such as "Blinded", "Recreation Day", "As I Lie Here Bleeding" "Touch Of Blessing" and "The Masterplan".

Evergrey's development is an admirable one as the Swedish metal masters have consistently progressed with each of their recorded albums. Their enthusiastic debut "The Dark Discovery" was followed up by the acclaimed "Solitude, Dominance, Tragedy", which caused a sensation amongst metal fans and the press. Their third album "In Search Of Truth" was an intriguing concept piece that was both musically and lyrically appealing. "The Inner Circle" was another conceptual work, this time based on religious fanaticism, which showed the band surprising audiences once again with an expressive and extravagant body of work.

The band also offered up a few surprises for their specially recorded performance in Gothenburg that can be seen on the DVD. A string section accompanied the band on the instrumental "When The Walls Go Down". "Harmless Wishes" and "Essence of Conviction" from "The Inner Circle" album received their live debut and on the ballad "For Every Tear That Falls" from the band's first album, Tom Englund was joined on lead vocals by his wife Carina Kjellberg.

The double DVD set "A Night To Remember" will be released in a standard format and limited edition version that is housed in a lavish digi-pak with a richly illustrated 28 page booklet.


1 Intro
2 Blinded
3 End of your days
4 More than ever
5 She speaks to the dead
6 Rulers of the mind
7 Blackened dawn
8 Waking up blind
9 As I lie here bleeding
10 Mislead
11 Mark of the triangle
12 When the walls go down
13 Harmless wishes
14 Essence of conviction
15 Solitude within
16 Nosferatu
17 Recreation day
18 For every tear that falls
19 Touch of blessing
20 The masterplan

Bonus Material: Videos, Interviews, Backstage ...


Tom S. Englund (guitars and vocals)
Jonas Ekdahl (drums)
Michael Hakansson (bass)
Rikard Zander (keyboards)
Henrik Danhage (guitars)