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Тук се намира пълната информация за предлаганите от нас музикални продукти с експресна доставка! Минималната поръчка е 1 CD, 1 DVD, 1 TS, 1 LS или 1 Vinyl.

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V. A.


Welcome to the Blue Volume of Music For Modern Living. This time we focus on what is most important for us: Soul! It will cross your ways in many disguises. Blue eyed, four to the floor. Mysterious and full of jazz in broken beats. Back to the roots as a folk song or jazz interpretation. Electrified with guitars or in a mellow electronic mood. The message is simple. Diversity matters, fusion is the conclusion.

Music For Modern Living Blue, the ninth issue in our beloved series, bridges the gap between generations - even more than its eight predecessors. Barbara Lynn (her Jetstream B-side "Movin' On A Groove" from 1976 is simply irresistable) and Edwin Starr ("There You Go" from 1973 is as deep as it is funky) deliver classic and original rare soul tracks. Tom Jones invites you to the dancefloor with his 1967 stomper "The Lonely One", written by his ubiquitous manager Gordon Mills.

Then there is the jazz. Extra-cool Italian Blue Note artist Nicola Conte moving in other directions with his remix for Pilot Jazou, and Spiritual South leave you breathless with their 2001st century psychedelia. Speaking of which: Koushik, coming out of Dundas/Ontario and releasing on Stones Throw, puts the jazz into turntablism and Smoove, putting Acid Jazz back on the map, squeezes its essence for the clubs. Mark Rae's remix for Kraak'n Smaak has jazz poured all over it, Seiji's Quantic rework is hip to the bone and The JuJuOrchestra links past and present with a storming version of Beginning Of The End's "Funky Nassau".

Then we have the breaks, the beats and the pure fun. The Killergroove Formula rocks away with Henry Mancini's "Peter Gunn" using a sample of Amiga artist Frank Echo Quintett in full effect. There is Malente with a massive Asian-flavoured floorshaker fuelled by Rubberfunk's re-production. UK's DJ Format and Boca 45 are getting back to the basicsand Ugly Duckling are inviting the mighty Grand Puba back on the mic. Martin Brew, in the meantime, proves that Manchester is still rocking - thanks to the Fat City crew! Proving Lounge is alive, well and surely not a dirty word at all Torpedo Boyz (Germany), The Nylon Rhythm Machine (UK), Pimp Daddy Nash (USA) and Rubin Steiner (France) provide international relaxation.

A don't forget the surprises. Trick guitarist extraordinaire Folke Jensen returns with his unique version of the legendary German TV theme "Tatort". German beat band The Trashmonkeys get the Norhern Soul treatment by top scene face Frank Popp. Let the good time roll! Singer, songwriter and piano wizard Erk from Berlin links Ben Folds to the Beatles with "Swing'n'Sway" from his debut album which is currently creating a buzz in Japan. And Skeewiff put a global beat to Richard Burnett's folk classic "Man of Constant Sorrow", first published in 1913 and made very very popular in the movie "O Brother Where Art Thou?".

So there we go! Breakin' it down, movin' on the groove, going down tonight! Crossing the borders and putting the soul back into Music For Modern Living. Enjoy the ride.

CD 1.
01. Edwin Starr - 'There You Go'
02. Timax - 'Funky Brasilia'
03. Torpedo Boyz - 'Au Jour Et A L'Heure
04. Pimp Daddy Nash - 'La Femme C'est Mysterie'
05. Rubin Steiner - 'My Own Style'
06. Spiritual South - 'Stars' ( Qaf Breach Mix )
07. Koushik - 'One In A Day'
08. Barbara Lynn - 'Movin On A Groove'
09. Mark Rae - 'Medicine' ( Kraak en Smaak Remix )
10. Rivera Rotation - 'Clouds Around Your Heart' (Soul-O-Matic's Back In The Dayz Jam)
11. Ugly Duckling feat. Grand Puba - 'Going Down Tonight'
12. Pilot Jazou - 'Your Crime' ( Nicola Conte Jazz Disciples Rework)
13. Quantic - 'Don't Mess With A Hungry Man' ( Seiji's Club Sandwich)
Total running time : 1:02:15

CD 2.
01. Nylon Rhythm Machine - 'The Holy Mountain'
02. Martin Brew - 'Hit The Disco'
03. Skeewiff - 'Man Of Constant Sorrow'
04. Boca 45 - 'The Boca Breakdown'
05. DJ Format - 'You Hear That ?'
06. The Killergroove Formula - 'Peter Gunn' (Turntable Detective)
07. Tom Jones - 'The Lonely One'
08. The Juju Orchestra - 'Funky Nassau'
09. Malente - 'I Sell Marihuana' ( Dr. Rubberfunk Star Boogie Rmx1)
10. Folke Jensen - 'Tatort'
11. Erk - 'Swing'n Sway'
12. Trashmonkeys - `The Maker' (Frank Popp Remake)
13. Smoove - Comin' Back' (Northern Funk Mix)
total running time : 56:26