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Тук се намира пълната информация за предлаганите от нас музикални продукти с експресна доставка! Минималната поръчка е 1 CD, 1 DVD, 1 TS, 1 LS или 1 Vinyl.

Над 10 000 заглавия на склад - доставка 1-5 работни дни;
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За доставка с куриер се нуждаем от точен адрес на доставка. За доставка по пощата се нуждаем от трите ви имена, точен адрес и кода на близкия до вас пощенски клон от където ще освободите пратката.



In November 1990 the swiss music scene started to get curious about Tilo Wolff's Projekt LACRIMOSA as his music in form of a tape "Clamor" reached the people of the underground scene. This melancholic music filled with classical elements, surrounding poectic lyrics and topped by a emotional voice was something which fascinated many and quickly a scene was raising up, which was nearly already forgotten.

For his first release, the LP "Angst", Tilo Wolff found his own label HALL OF SERMON for giving LACRIMOSA the entire artistical freedom. The music of LACRIMOSA was already that time developing from album to album without adapting any other music styles or denying it's roots. Through this progressive development, LACRIMOSA was challenging the tolerance of a widespread audience in the diverse facetts of music-lovers around the world.

LACRIMOSA's music had been coloured by several guest musicians, but in the beginning of 1994, Anne Nurmi joined the former soloproject to become a permanent member. Anne Nurmi, who was the keyboarder, singer and one of the grounders of the finnish band TWO WITHCES, was setting new musical accents with her singing and composing.

The following releases were managing to combine the roughness of Metal and Gothic Rock, without loosing the most obvious love for classical music. With this revolutionary sound, LACRIMOSA was pioneer and obstetrician for musicstyles like Gothic Metal and Symphonic Metal, which both became a hugh trend!

After the collaboration with the world-wide known LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, top 20 positions in the German and Polish music-charts, sold-out shows in Europe, Middle- and South America, on May the 2nd 2005, just on time for their 15th anniversay, the new studio album "Lichtgestalt" (luminous figure) is going to be released! With its musical variety, its full expression and its sympathetic production this masterpiece is going to set new standarts and highlights a remarkable career!


1. Sapphire [sample 3:09 min - mp3 ]
2. Kelch der Liebe [sample 1:41 min - mp3 ]
3. Lichtgestalt [sample 1:53 min - mp3 ]
4. Nachtschatten [sample 1:57 min - mp3 ]
5. my last goodbye [sample 2:35 min - mp3 ]
6. the party is over [sample 2:14 min - mp3 ]
7. letzte Ausfahrt: Leben [sample 1:41 min - mp3 ]
8. Hohelied der Liebe [sample 2:19 min - mp3 ]

Written, composed, arranged, orchestrated and produced
by Tilo Wolff
except the lyrics of "Hohelied Der Liebe"
taken from the Holy Bible