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DUNGEON was formed in 1989 in the desert outback of Broken Hill, Australia by vocalist and guitarist "Lord" Tim, whom folk have dubbed "The Kai Hansen of the Oz metal scene". With Dungeon having been influenced by a wide range of bands such as Helloween, Dokken, Slayer, Judas Priest, Soilwork and Blind Guardian, it is no surprise that DUNGEON have learned to combine their melodic guitar and song lines with heaps of killer riffs and doublebass attacks. Their album "Demolition", being originally meant to be only a demo and released as such only in Japan suddenly made the Australians talking point number one of the scene. In only 5 weeks they sold 5,000 CDs and the band was named amongst the ten most hopeful new bands by Japan's Burrn! magazine.

Their next album, "Resurrection", the release of which was delayed for numerous reasons until 1999, had no lesser success and the band, who had moved to the more urban Sydney in the meantime, found the doors for numerous festivals (Screaming Symhony, Metal Warriors Festival, Bloodlust, Morbid Tales, Wintersun etc.) and tours (e.g. with Edguy, Doro, Destruction, Nevermore, Yngwie Malmsteen, Mayhem) open to them in Australia and Japan. In 2001 DUNGEON headlined Australia's biggest Metal Festivall "Metal For The Brain".

2002 saw the much awaited release on the Metal Warriors label of the Oz's "A Rise To Power" album and they completed a long tour throughout the fifth continent. The two video clips, of "Insanity's Fall" and "Stormchaser" added to their popularity. As promotion for the Japan festival tour with Dragonland, Mastermind, Skylark, Vigilante, Galneryus and Norma Jeane they released another album, "Rising Power" which contained rare and unreleased material, and a video clip of "The Other Side". And incredibly DUNGEON's entire merchandise and CDs was sold out within the first 20 minutes of the festival. Based on the huge success of the Japanese tour, the band released "Under The Rising Sun" in 2003 - a fully blown live DVD/CD and the deal with Limb Music Products (LMP) which had been signed before the tour, led to the additional release of "A Rise To Power" in Europe and the USA.
With their new album, "One Step Beyond" DUNGEON now opened a totally new chapter of their successful career and set forth to conquer Europe. Once again the lovely, twin guitar harmonies were coupled with the unique voice of "Lord" Tims and their clever arrangements made the entire affair to a power metal highlight, not lacking the essential toughness thanks to hammering riffs and the superbe production. The presales figures in Japan and Australia alone exceeded all their previous sales and pushed the album to the top of the Charts. And soon, "Lord" Tim, his year long buddy, Stu Marshall (guitar) and new band members Pete Peric (bass) and Grahame Goode (drums) will soon be celebrating similar success in Europe. They took the first step with "One Step Beyond" …


1. The Power Withiin 5:12
2. Against the Wind 4:35
3. The Art of War 5:46
4. The Hunger 5:54
5. Surface Tension 5:38
6. Tarranno Del Mar 8:15
7. One Step Beyond 4:08
8. Under the Cross 7:49
9. Epilogue 1:10


Lord Tim - vocals & drums
Grahame Goode - drums
Pete Peric - bass
Stuart Marshall - guitar