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Тук се намира пълната информация за предлаганите от нас музикални продукти с експресна доставка! Минималната поръчка е 1 CD, 1 DVD, 1 TS, 1 LS или 1 Vinyl.

Над 10 000 заглавия на склад - доставка 1-5 работни дни;
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За допълнителна информация не се притеснявайте да пишете е-мейли.

За доставка с куриер се нуждаем от точен адрес на доставка. За доставка по пощата се нуждаем от трите ви имена, точен адрес и кода на близкия до вас пощенски клон от където ще освободите пратката.



ANGTORIA is fronted by the high profile British singer Sarah Jezebel Deva (a.k.a. Sarah Jane Ferridge), a lady who has made a significant mark on the extreme Metal scene as complimentary vocalist for CRADLE OF FILTH, COVENANT, THERION, TULUS, GRAVEWORM and MORTIIS. Joining Diva in the project would be the Swedish sibling pairing of composer Christian Rehn holding ABYSSOS, SARGOTH, INSALUBRIOUS and EVERGREY credentials and Tommy Rehn from MOAHNI MOAHNA. Deciding upon an atmospheric, orchestral path, the trio cut a set of lavishlly packaged demos entitled 'Torn Between Two Worlds' in November 2002.

In mid 2004 the group completed a five song demo at Virtual Symphony Studios in Sundsvall, Sweden, these sessions somewhat unexpectedly including a cover of KYLIE MINOGUE's 'Confide In Me'. Signing to French label Listenable Records the band entered Sidelake Studios in Sundsvall on 19th November to commence recording their debut album 'God Has A Plan For Us All'. Drums for these sessions would delegated to Andreas Brobjer of PLATITUDE and SPACE ODYSSEY whilst bass was delegated to CRADLE OF FILTH man Dave Pybus. Aiding on keyboards would be Richard Andersson of MAJESTIC, SPACE ODYSSEY and TIME REQUIEM whilst Tony Kцnberg provided choral vocals.

Initial copies of 'God Has A Plan For Us All', released in April 2006, added the bonus track 'A Child That Walks The Path Of A Man'. The model featured on the cover is Toni Davey, wife of CRADLE OF FILTH singer Dani Filth. A lavish promotional video for the 'God Has A Plan For Us All' title track would be directed by Mеns Berthas. Performing drums in the clip would be John Henriksson of MY OWN GRAVE.


1. The Awakening
2. I'm Calling
3. God Has A Plan For Us All
4. Suicide On My Mind
5. Deity Of Disgust
6. The Addiction
7. Six Feet Under's Not Deep Enough
8. Do You See Me Now
9. Original Sin
10. Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned
11. Confide In Me
12. That's What The Wise Lady Said
13. A Child That Walks The Path Of A Man


Sarah Jezebel Deva - Vocals
Chris Rehn - Music, Composer
Tommy Rehn - Music, Composer

Andreas Brojber - Drums
Aaron Stainthorpe - Vocals
Dave Pybus - Bass
Martin Haggstrom - Vocals
Rikard Andersson - Keyboard Solo
Tony Konberg - Choir Vocals