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Deep from the bowels of Indianapolis, IN rise Demiricous, a band that offers up an unrelenting mixture of pure American metal and thrash. Scott, Nate, and Chris love old thrash but nothing like that was coming out anymore so they decided to start a band of their own on Halloween night 2001. About six month’s later guitarist Ben, formally of Upheaval (on Eulogy and Willowtip), was asked to join the band and that’s when the guys started to get serious about the project. Fast forward to 2005, the bands self-released EP caught the attention of Metal Blade Records and landed them the coveted record deal they had been working so hard to obtain. Since the bands inception they have already played with the likes of Exodus, Malevolent Creation, Extol, King Diamond, The Black Dahlia Murder, Obituary, and played the main stage at the infamous New England Hardcore and Metal Fest where they won over the audience with their brand of no frills metal. On the bands EP and early demos one could hear some Swedish melodic death metal influences but as the band grew and came into their own sound they decided to lean more towards straight forward metal. Or as the band puts it, “No fuckin hair dos, ex-girlfriends, or lame shit… just good fuckin times and raging metal.” There is almost a raw punk rock vibe to the new material on the bands debut Metal Blade Records release One. It’s more about doing what you want or die trying then about caring what the new fashion is or if your hair looks just right. “Style-wise and riff-wise we call our brand of music “Street Metal" which is totally cheesy but fuck it, it has to do with tough rippin’ ass riffs and pummeling drums and having nothing to do with whatever is cool.” One was recorded and mixed at Planet-Z studios with Zeuss (Hatebreed, The Red Chord, Shadows Fall) in June 2005. “We are just trying to write a solid thrash album and we hope to add something different to today’s metal scene with the vocals and everything. I don’t know what direction we are going in but not a whole lot of bands are going this direction. We are just playing the music that we want to hear. Plain and simple…this is what I want to I guess we have to make it ourselves,” states the band. Once you hear this album you will probably be caught off guard seeing most younger bands coming out nowadays are not paying homage to old school thrash and you will definitely walk away thinking you haven’t heard a record like this a long time. Guitarist Scott Wilson comments, “I'm an old school motherfucker and I miss the rage… and the hooks, and the solos,” and One without doubt delivers all the rage, hooks, and solos metal heads have been waiting for. One hits stores on January 27th, 2006 and expect to see the band touring heavily before and after the release date. TRACKLIST: 01. Repentagram 02. Withdrawal Divine 03. Vagrant Idol 04. Beyond Obscene 05. Perfection And The Infection 06. Heathen Up (Out For Blood) 07. Cheat The Leader 08. Matador 09. To Serve Is To Destroy 10. Ironsides 11. I Am Weapon 12. Hellraisers Recorded at Planet Z Studios Hadley/ Massachusetts, June 2005 Produced By Zeuss Cover and Layout by Bob Peele LINE-UP: Nate Olp - singer/bass player Chris Cruz - drums Ben Parrish - guitar Scott Wilson - guitar