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Who rather avoids what happens in real life should in fact avoid the German electro rockers A LIFE DIVIDED. When on January 28 the label debut “Passenger” of the young Munich-based band will be released, they will present more than just a music record: they let their listeners come closer to them than most other bands do and share topics which are so personal and honest that you can put them in words and on paper only in the most
intimate moments.

What does it mean “to live” if you blank out the banal everyday-life, the daily tasks and efforts? You will find the true core of life. The core in which lie hidden the main features of existence – love, suffering and death. The five-piece started a brave journey to the core of our existence. And brought to live literally “a live divided” at the very heart of this journey. It is something that lives in every one of us, if we allow a glance. “Everyone has multiple personalities. In different situations we act different, depending on the situation”, explains singer Jurgen Plangger the bottom line of his journey – and thereby the journey of A LIFE DIVIDED. “At work, on the sofa or on the next first date, there are a 1000 different lives within us. Not everybody can deal with all of them.”

A LIFE DIVIDED faced self-reflection and created music out of it. The result is an incredible dramatic, electrifying, dark-aesthetic album. An album that deals with deep personal issues and sets them to music. Issues, “about which you would only talk about after some glasses of wine”, as Jьrgen Plangger admits. Songs like “Heart On Fire” or “Save Me” tell about love and suffering. However, the band doesn’t compose Hollywood-pictures out of those topics, but faces the often much more dramatic reality, the “certainty that you only have a really limited influence on those things”, as the singer explains. “Everyone tries to maneuver himself somehow through this labyrinth. Some blind, some stupid, some clever and some simply by auto-pilot. The last ones are supposed to be the lucky ones. But all the others that think about such things will certainly understand the record.”

Though they are newcomers yet, they had enough time to gain the courage to allow such a personal, intimate insight. Founded in 2003 the band already released two records on a smaller label and toured with OOMPH! (No. 1 in the single charts at that time) in 2006 and with EISBRECHER (No. 1 in the media control longplayer charts with their current output “Eiszeit”) in 2007. There also is a special relationship to that band: singer Jurgen Plangger has been EISBRECHER’s live guitarist for several years now. So it’s no wonder that EISBRECHER’s co-captain and producer Noel Pix is deeply involved into the production process of A LIFE DIVIDED.

OOMPH! as well put an eye on A LIFE DIVIDED:
“A LIFE DIVIDED is one of the few German bands that know how to combine melancholic melodies, electronic instruments and aggressive guitar rock”, says OOMPH!’s guitarist Flux. “The emotional depth of their songs often reminds me in positive way to on of my favourite bans SABBING WESTWARD.


01. Heart On Fire
02. Forever
03. Anyone
04. Words
05. Hey You
06. Doesn’t Count
07. Save Me
08. Other Side
09. Sounds Like A Melody (Alphaville Cover)
10. Change
11. The End