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In 2008, the seventeenth year of their reign, the exceptional Italian metallers, ELDRITCH are issuing a live album which will represent the entire period of creativity of the band. There is absolutely no doubt that ELDRITCH are Italy's most famous Melodic Power/Techno Thrash Band, who also enjoy a tremendous reputation beyond their country's borders. "Livequake" was recorded live during one show and now firmly bolsters the exceptional status, which the band enjoys within the scene. With Disk Two containing a very successful cross-section of ELDRITCH's song material of their first three albums, it is apparent that the band is very tight and knows how to present perfectly balanced versions of their earlier, complex material. The huge step backwards to the bands's early musical period is rounded off by the fact that the superb keyboarder, Oleg Smirnoff was part of the set. Many of the songs are played in a re-worked form without having changed the basic elements. For it is just those songs from their pioneering years, works such as "Lord Of An Empty Place", "Heretic Beholder", "Ghoulish Gift" and "Bleed Mask Bleed", which helped the band achieve such enormous popularity. "Livequake" is an impressive statement from a band who refuses to tow to any musical trends, being instead the trendsetters themselves. This wonderful live statement is available as a generous double CD including a DVD! Full service for ELDRITCH Fans, indeed. TRACKLIST: CD 1: Blackened Alive 01. In The House - In A Heartbeat (Intro) 3:28 02. Why 3:25 03. The Deep Sleep 3:23 04. Save Me 3:57 05. The Blackened Day 4:55 06. The World Apart 4:32 07. Reverse 5:23 08. Standing Still 4:43 09. Bless Me Now 3:10 10. The Child That Never Smiles 3:28 11. More Than Marylin 4:59 12. This Everlasting Mind Disease 4:52 13. Silent Flame 5:14 14. Toil Of Mine 3:56 Total playing time 59:20 CD 2: Incurably Live 01. Fall From Grace (Intro) 2:04 02. No Direction Home 7:02 03. Heretic Beholder 6:00 04. Scar 5:19 05. Bleed Mask Bleed 4:46 06. From Dusk Till Dawn 5:55 07. Nebula Surface 6:33 08. Ghoulish Gift 6:18 09. Lord Of An Empty Place 6:56 10. Incurably Ill 6:59 Total playing time 57:46 Limited DVD: Livequake Concert (complete CD 1 + CD 2) Playing time 114:32 Extras: Live in Chicago 2006 (Documentary) 81:37 With some curious scenes of the guys travelling around the city in a limousine! You can also see spare excerpts of the show, taken by a camera from the side of the stage, on stage and in the crowd. This film was taken by the band’s friend Federico Nasoni at Eldritch’s show as headliners at the Chicago Powerfest 2006, with support acts like Biomechanical and Agent Steel! Interview with Adriano Dal Canto 9:10 This interview was recorded in May 2008 with Adriano, the former drummer and you can hear his version of what he has been doing in the last 10 years away from the music business. Interview with the Band at Terence’s house 13:08 This film was taken on May 2008 at Terence’s house during one of his burning parties!!! The guys of the band were quite drunk... and you can find brief interviews with former drummer Adriano and former keyboard player Oleg. You can also see the band’s women and some extra friends... hot dogs, beer, pork chops... Quite funny... Videoclip: Lonesome Existence 4:26 Videoclip: Save Me 4:24 Videoclip: The Blackened Day 4:48 Total playing time: 3 H. 54 Min. LINE-UP: Oleg Smirnoff - keyboards Rob "Pek" Proietti - guitar Terence Holler - vocals Raffahell Dridge - drums John Crystal - bass Eugene Simone - guitar