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The Swedish guitar virtuoso, famous for performing renditions of Bach and Paganini compositions alongside the metal musings of his defunct group, Alcatrazz, performs over 80 minutes worth of guitar mastery on this video. With his trademark scalloped fret guitar, Malmsteen emerged as possibly the greatest rock guitar virtuoso of the 1980s until a career threatening injury almost cost him his career. Back and in better form than ever, Malmsteen again shows the form that made him one of the most exciting guitarists around.


Clearly keen to do just what the hell he wanted, Malmsteen's 1996 album, aptly titled 'Inspiration', was made up of cover versions of classics by bands such as KANSAS, DEEP PURPLE, SCORPIONS and RUSH. It saw a return for vocalist Marc Boals together with bassist Barry Dunaway and veteran drummer Tommy Aldridge, a man who boasts credits with BLACK OAK ARKANSAS, OZZY OSBOURNE and WHITESNAKE. Other featured artists include vocalists JEFF SCOTT SOTO and JOE LYNN TURNER.

Predictably touring soon had the band fracturing with Malmsteen quite incredibly declaring Aldridge to be "useless" and Boals onstage presence like that of "a strange combination of a man and a woman"!! However, Malmsteen, after admitting a long battle against a reliance on alcohol, returned in 1997 in partnership with ex-RAINBOW, BLACK SABBATH and WHITESNAKE drummer COZY POWELL. With a 1997 album entitled 'Facing The Animal', produced by Chris Tsangarides, of THIN LIZZY and JUDAS PRIEST notoriety, the guitarist was to issue what many determined to be his finest work to date.

The album featured a new vocalist in former TREAT, SWEDISH EROTICA and ABSTRAKT ALGEBRA man Mats Leven, recommended to Malmsteen by CANDLEMASS and ABSTRAKT ALGEBRA bassist Leif Edling, bassist Barry Dunaway and keyboard player Mats Olausson.

As well as ploughing his Rock furrow, Malmsteen also indulged himself the same year by recording a classical album together with ex-RAINBOW keyboard player David Rosenthal and the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

1999's 'Alchemy' album, engineered by Chris Tsangarides but produced by Malmsteen himself, saw a return of vocalist Mark Boals, Dunaway and Olausson. Drums were courtesy of ex-POWERMAD, TNT and RIOT man John Macaluso.

Malmsteen lent a guest session to his former vocalist Mike Vescara's MVP project 'Windows' in 1999. The album also included bassist Barry Sparks and drummer B.J. Zampa. Meantime Macaluso and Olausson busied themselves on side project ARK fronted by vocalist JORN LANDE of THE SNAKES.

The ever industrious guitarist was back in 2000 with a fresh album 'War To End All Wars'. The European version of the album included a bonus track, a version of the QUATERMASS cut 'Black Sheep Of The Family' with guest vocalist Anders Kahn. Ironically this was the song that led to the dispute which originally fractured RITCHIE BLACKMORE away from DEEP PURPLE and into RAINBOW. Retained for the album were Boals and Olausson but bass was now in the hands of HOLY MOTHER and C.P.R. four-stringer Randy Coven. Breaking tradition the album cover was a Frank Frazetta original 'Deathdealer 5'.

Malmsteen's other band mates formed a tighter bond the same year when Coven joined ARK Coven was also working on his solo project 'Witchway'. MARK BOALS was not to be left and released his debut solo effort 'Ring Of Fire' the same day as Yngwie's record. Boals utilized the prodigious talents of guitarist TONY MACALPINE, ARTENSION keyboard player Vitalij Kuprij and PLANET X drummer Virgil Donati. His live band included former YNGWIE MALMSTEEN bassist Barry Dunaway.

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN toured North America in November on a package bill with DIO and DORO. Boals quit on the eve of these dates and the band duly went on the road as an instrumental act with Malmsteen lending vocals to a version of JIMI HENDRIX's 'Red House'. The most well known ex-Malmsteen singer JEFF SCOTT SOTO turned up at the Los Angeles gig to guest. The frontman's position was eventually taken by VAGABOND, THE SNAKES, MILLENIUM and ARK. vocalist JORN LANDE.

Typically the band line up did not stay the course. During an American tour rumours leaked out that both Lande and Macaluso were denied access to Canada, the pair being without the necessary visas. Matters appeared to come to a head when Lande was involved in a backstage 'dispute' in Cleveland and walked out. Macaluso, who had been performing with a broken finger, followed his friend.

Meantime Malmsteen, Olausson and Coven, swiftly revising the set to include more instrumental work outs and JIMI HENDRIX covers, performed as a power trio in Canada then cancelled the remaining dates and attempted to lure former members JEFF SCOTT SOTO and Barriemore Barlow back into the fold. Soto was swiftly announced as Lande's replacement although discussions had also taken place with the familiar MARK BOALS (now fronting the all star EMPIRE with another ex-Malmsteen man drummer Anders Johansson) and also ex-RAINBOW man Doogie White. Within days Cleveland Rock band M.S.O.D. had announced that their drummer, the suitably named Ed Rock, had joined Yngwie to complete the tour but this idea was soon scotched.

On a more positive note Malmsteen was invited by the Chinese government to undertake a full blown nationwide tour of the country. Plans were laid for Yngwie to combine shows and concertos with the Chinese National Orchestra in Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and other cities.

Malmsteen would finally announce a revised line up for a string of September Central and South American dates commencing in Mexico. The new look group was fronted by erstwhile RAINBOW and MIDNIGHT BLUE singer Doogie White with BLACKMORE'S NIGHT bassist Mike Cervino, the esteemed DEREK SHERINAN of PLANET X, PLATYPUS, ALICE COOPER and DREAM THEATER on keyboards and, keeping up the Swedish quota, STORMWIND / WITHOUT GRIEF drummer Patrik Johansson.

Quite predictably the tour ran into trouble although not from any by now expected internal ructions. In the wake of the September 11th World Trade Center disaster the band performed a Brazilian gig in Porte Allegre. According to reports Malmsteen closed off his guitar solo section with the customary 'Star Spangled Banner' anthem to which the crowd started to jeer. Band members believed the audience was chanting "Osama! Osama!" and reacted accordingly. At the close of the set Malmsteen alone walked out for an encore blasting through another rendition of 'Star Spangled Banner' and retorting 'God Bless America - Fuck you all'.

Yngwie's next move would be to record a brand new classical Baroque style piece recorded with the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. Fans would also delight at the release of archive RISING FORCE material issued by the Swedish Powerline label in the form of the 'Birth Of The Sun' album. It would be revealed that Malmsteen's new album, provisionally entitled 'Attack', would be recorded with a line-up of Yngwie Malmsteen on both guitars and bass; Dougie White on vocals, Derek Sherinian on keyboards and Patrik Johansson of PREY on drums. The guitarist also took a left turn out of the Rock field to contribute a guitar solo to Swedish Folk singer AASA JINDER's album 'Faith, Hope And Love'. Following a brace of Florida warm up gigs the band, seeing Joakim Svalberg from Swedish psychedelic Rock band QOPH newly installed on keyboards, undertook a lengthy headline tour of Japan in December.

Other activities found White forging yet another band endeavour, VISUAL SURVEILLANCE OF EXTREMITIES in league with guitarist BILLY LIESEGANG, and guesting on the British spoof Rockers SACK TRICK 2002 opus 'Sheep In KISS make up', an album entirely composed of KISS cover versions. The singer also became a familiar sound in Spain and France when his vocals, on the QUEEN track 'Friends Will Be Friends', were used on an Amstel Beer commercial. Svalberg filled his schedule by touring as part of the HUGHES TURNER PROJECT band.

Meantime DEREK SHERINAN cut another solo album, on which Yngwie duly guested, and found the time to join up with BILLY IDOL's band for his North American summer 'Kiss The Skull' tour. Limbering up to promote his 'Attack' album Yngwie uncharacteristically scheduled a TV showing as guest on the hugely popular Swedish STV children's comedy show 'Alram Est'. Pony Canyon would follow up the success of ‘Attack’ with a collection of early recordings dubbed ‘Genesis’ in December. This album compiled recordings dating from 1980, a twelve minute rendition of JIMI HENDRIX’s ‘Voodoo Chile’ plus other rarities.

Malmsteen's 2003 European tour, with Dougie White still maintaining his lead vocal role, was seriously affected when German dates were pulled by the promoter at the last minute. However, fans that were fortunate enough to catch the guitarist in other European countries as well as Scandinavia would be witness to a novel rendition of RAINBOW's 'Stargazer' classic - with Yngwie performing drums.

Malmsteen, presenting an all instrumental band of Mark Cervino, Patrick Johansson and keyboard player Joakim Svalberg, united with JOE SATRIANI and STEVE VAI for a highly successful run of October 'G3 '03' North American tour dates.


01. Intro
02. Resurrection
03. Facing The Animal
04. Rising Force
05. Bedroom Eyes
06. Far Beyond The Sun
07. Like An Angel
08. Brave Heart
09. Seventh Sign
10. Trilogy Suite (including Red House & Badfinger)
11. Never Die
12. Black Star
13. I'll See The Light
14. End Credits


Marc Boals (vocals)
Yngwie Malmsteen (guitar)
Barry Dunaway (bass)
Mats Olausson (keyboards)
Jonas Ostman (drums)