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Тук се намира пълната информация за предлаганите от нас музикални продукти с експресна доставка! Минималната поръчка е 1 CD, 1 DVD, 1 TS, 1 LS или 1 Vinyl.

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“Well, here it is, the number 1 US-metal album of the year 2009. Yes, it is that good. …one of those rare works that you will still give a spin in ten, twenty years time, when 98 percent of 2009’s albums, bands and fads will have sunk into well-deserved oblivion. Classic, powerful US-metal from a gifted four-piece who pour their heart and soul into every single note they play - what more could you, the discerning metal listener, possibly want? 98 /100 DIGITAL-STEEL.COM “Powerful and delicate US-Metal where the songs are always total works of art. 9/10? MEGA-METAL.DE “A timeless classic of melodic U.S. Metal is born. Top score. Recommended.” HEAVYHARDES.DE “The songs are all at a very high level, including for example, the magnificent ‘The Grand Horizon’ with superb vocal arrangements. The guitar work is, like its predecessor, beautifully sophisticated without relegating the other instruments to the shadows. Bass and drums present themselves as a well established unit, intelligently woven into the songs. As a last piece in the picture, enthroned above it all, is the idiosyncratic but also very emotional singer Michael Grant. Especially with the vocal arrangements, you realize that CRESCENT SHIELD are not prone to stagnation. The appearance of many overlapping and polyphonic melodies show that the band has a love for detail in the songwriting.” SQUEALER-ROCKS.DE “‘The Stars Of Never Seen’ is an absolutely diverse and, above all, innovative record, that tops each record that I have on my desk this year. The mixture of the different elements that throws so many records into the mainstream-abyss, is the crucial point. All the different influences fit perfectly together and don’t seem to be superfluous. There are fast, hard tracks like ‘My Anger’, but also some more quiet and hymnic titles (’The Bellman’). Crescent Shield has something to offer for everyone! After I really liked the debut, I have to admit that the group has developed a lot with ‘The Stars…’. The material never sounds unwieldy, although in some of the songs the spark won’t ignite after the first few listens because the record is so versatile and needs a few spins before the true quality enfolds. For some of you, this record won’t be something to dive into, for me Crescent Shield really delivers an absolutely highlight. An explosive mixture between Helstar and Dream Theater, that will detonate one hundred percent.” METAL.DE “After releasing such a formidable debut like ‘The Last of My Kind’ it is of course inevitable to ask: “Are Crescent Shield able to beat their self-imposed hurdle?” A question which can be answered with “YES!” without any doubt - Although ‘The Stars of Never Seen’ deserves some intense listening, before the album reveals all its musical glory. But this time they also managed - unlike many other bands – the balancing act between toughness, epic moments, and progressive parts seemingly effortlessly. With these abilities, they managed to forge a really outstanding piece of Heavy Metal music. 9/10 METALORGY.DE TRACKLIST: 01 UNDER COVER OF SHADOWS 02 THE GRAND HORIZON 03 TIDES OF FIRE 04 10,000 MIDNIGHTS AGO 05 TEMPLE OF THE EMPTY 06 MY ANGER 07 THE BELLMAN 08 THE ENDURANCE 09 LIFESPAN