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We Are Motorhead is an album by the band Motorhead. It was released in 2000, and features a cover of the Sex Pistols song God Save the Queen, for which the band recorded a promo video atop an open-top London bus.

Joe Petagno, the sleeve artist, commented on the influences behind the cover concept:

It's one of my favourite pieces. At that time, there was a lot of death metal and black metal going on. I was working with a lot of those people anyway. They were all totally Motorhead dedicated, and grew up with Motцrhead. I said, "Listen, instead of letting these guys sort of get to you, why don't we just pay homage to the death thing? That's cool enough. You guys were the first to do it anyway." In the original sketch, the head was turned three-quarter view, but Lemmy said we'd never used the head since "Deaf Forever" from the side. So why don't we just give it a full profile?


01 "See Me Burning" – 2:59
02 "Slow Dance" – 4:29
03 "Stay Out of Jail" – 3:02
04 "God Save The Queen" (Paul Cook, Steve Jones, John Lydon, Glen Matlock) – 3:19
05 "Out to Lunch" – 3:26


06 "Wake the Dead" – 5:14
07 "One More Fucking Time" – 6:46
08 "Stagefright/Crash & Burn" – 3:02
09 "(Wearing Your) Heart on Your Sleeve" – 3:42
10 "We Are Motorhead" – 2:21


Lemmy Kilmister - bass, vocals
Phil Campbell - guitar
Mikkey Dee - drums

Original tracks recorded at Karo Studios, Brackel, Germany by Charlie Bauerfeind, June-August '99.
Overdubs recorded at American Recorders, Calabasas, CA, December 1999-March 2000.
Produced by Motorhead, Bob Kulick, Bruce Bouillet and Duane Barron.
Engineered by Bill Cooper
Cover artwork – Joe Petagno
Cover concept – Joe Petango and Lemmy
Photography – Glen La Ferman, Stephanie Cabral, Annamaria DiSanto