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Тук се намира пълната информация за предлаганите от нас музикални продукти с експресна доставка! Минималната поръчка е 1 CD, 1 DVD, 1 TS, 1 LS или 1 Vinyl.

Над 10 000 заглавия на склад - доставка 1-5 работни дни;
Цените са с включен ДДС!

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За допълнителна информация не се притеснявайте да пишете е-мейли.

За доставка с куриер се нуждаем от точен адрес на доставка. За доставка по пощата се нуждаем от трите ви имена, точен адрес и кода на близкия до вас пощенски клон от където ще освободите пратката.



Comrades, The whole world is looking to you as a force capable of destroying the brigand hordes of non-metal invaders. The enslaved peoples who have not yet discovered the mighty riff are looking to you as their liberators. A great mission of liberation has fallen to your lot. Take this pamphlet and spread the word. Mastodon are your pioneering guides, infiltrating the masses with progression and power. Take them to the people. Pestilence have returned to continue their struggle against death metal monotony – we salute their courage. We turn again to our brave comrades in Sweden; Candlemass, Amon Amarth, General Surgery and the youth brigade determined to carry on the tradition of those that came before, of Grave, Nihilist and Entombed. And we are proud of the industriousness of those mining the great black metal custom, of Wolves In The Throne Room, Orcustus and Blut Aus Nord. We need you! We need you to support their causes. Be worthy of this mission! The war you are waging is a war of liberation, a just war. Let the heroic images of our great ancestors – Kerry King, Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Abbath Doom Occulta and Quorthon – inspire you in this war! Let the victorious banner of the great Ronnie James Dio fly over your heads! Utter destruction to the false metal invaders! Long live the glory of metal, its freedom and its independence! Under the banner of Terrorizer – onward to victory! Your humble leader, LOUISE BROWN Regulars: News UK death metal community causes chaos for cancer, Nachtmystium stand their ground, Sentenced guitarist remembered and Ukrainian black metallers display their power LIVE AFTER DEATH: Roadburn Festival’s Walter Hoeijmakers checks in and counts down EMPTY OUR SACK Exclusive chance to win tickets for Metal Camp, Obscene Extreme + more FEAR CANDY: This month’s serving of brutality laid bare and broken down MISSIVE ATTACK STUDIO REPORT: Amorphis CHOICE CUTS Arthemesia, Destroy Destroy Destroy, Hellmouth, Stinking Lizaveta, Archgoat, Ignominious Incarceration, Apostle Of Solitude, Spoonful Of Vicodin, Mucopus, Lazarus AD, Ramming Speed, Stuka Squadron, Struck By Lightning, Guttural Secrete, Nebukadnezza, Unlocked, Flayed Disciple, Hammers, (the) Plasmarifle, Diabolical, Harpoon and This Ending. POSTER: EXCLUSIVE Mastodon, Slayer + Arnocorps wall-fodder LABEL PROFILE: Sevared HARD OF HEARING: My Dying Bride BARBARIAN WRATH: Dimmu Borgir REVIEWS 'Swedish Death Metal' compilation, Blut Aus Nord, Candlemass, Kylesa, Mastodon, Trigger The Bloodshed, Wolves In The Throne Room, Antigama, Dark Forest, General Surgery, Horna, Orcustus, Samael + more CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON: Kevin Talley (Dееth) DARK RECOLLECTIONS: Amon Amarth’s ‘Once Sent From The Golden Hall’ LIVES Children Of Bodom + Cannibal Corpse, The Black Dahlia Murder + Cephalic Carnage, Hate Eternal + Misery Index, Kampfar + Vreid, Kreator, Lamb Of God + Dimmu Borgir, Napalm Death + more 96. NEW FEATURE! PAUSE, RECORD, PLAY: Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe Feature Highlights: MASTODON PESTILENCE CANDLEMASS WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM ORCUSTUS BLUT AUS NORD ELUVEITIE KYLESA TOUR REPORT: Spinefarm At Sea SWEDISH DEATH METAL FOCUS DANIEL EKEROTH, GRAVE + FATALIST GENERAL SURGERY SWEDISH DEATH METAL NEW BLOOD