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‘Influence’ is an apt title for an album from arguably the most underheralded guitar hero on the circuit.  Philip Sayce grew up during the ‘80s. The Welsh born axe hero, who came of age in Canada, avoided hair metal, prog-rock and missed out on alt-rock. The charismatic Sayce is a throwback. That’s evident after a spin of ‘Influence.’

The leadoff track, ‘Tom Devil,’ is a psychedelic stunner, which proves that Sayce is a master of the six string. “That song is about paying tribute to the music we (blues artists) celebrate,” Sayce says. “It’s the opposite of Auto-Tune and whatever the flavor of the month is.”

‘Sailin’ Shoes’ is a mighty tip of the cap to the man, who changed modern blues guitar, Jimi Hendrix. “I couldn’t help but do a homage to the master,” Sayce says. “My take on this one was just to go all out and have fun. Hendrix is another one of those guys, who really moved me at an early age.”

Sayce proves to be unpredictable. He surprises with ‘Fade Into You,’ a changeup of sorts, which is a moody, moving piece, which showcases his guitar brilliance. Sayce hits the bullseye with ‘Fade Into You,’ because like most great art, it’s inspired by real experience.

“It comes from a very hurt, sad, dark place. It’s about being screwed over in the music business.”

But Sayce, who is still so young and vital, kept plugging along and has bounced back with a sonic masterpiece, which features blazing guitar licks and unbridled joy, particularly when he renders covers, such as the Little Richard gem, ‘Green Power.’ It’s a relatively obscure R&B cut, which is a tight tune that builds and builds that the legendary vocalist-pianist crafted during the ‘70s.

Sayce certainly knows how to pick songs. He unearths Graham Nash’s long forgotten ‘Better Days,’ which is the gorgeous centerpiece and perhaps defining ‘Influence’ track. “Better Days’ is such a beautiful composition,” Sayce says. “That song is so underground and it connected with the head space I was in. It’s about being screwed over and over and how it takes a toll on your psyche. It’s an unbelievably heavy song about when grandiose promises don’t come to pass.” But ‘Better Days’ is also about perseverance and dogged determination, which Sayce possesses in spades.

‘Influence’ might have been inspired in part by the endless dues paying he has suffered through but the moving, well-constructed album is the sensitive recording artist’s ticket to the next level.

A1 Tom Devil
A2 Out Of My Mind
A3 Sailin' Shoes
A4 I'm Going Home

B1 Fade Into You
B2 Blues Ain't Nothin' But A Good Woman On Your Mind
B3 Green Power

C1 Better Days
C2 Easy On The Eyes
C3 Triumph

D1 Evil Woman
D2 Light Em Up
D3 Peace In The Valley